This Unbelievable Kentucky Waterfall Is Hiding In Plain Sight… No Hiking Required

A real waterfall can be one of the most powerful scenes in nature. Many of these beautiful natural wonders are seasonal, drying up during dry months. The waterfalls that can be seen year round tend to be larger, and honestly, more breathtaking. Our state has its share of seasonal falls, but many are several miles off the road on a hiking trail. Some are even located in perilous environments, such as trails with jagged, slippery rocks as you near the attraction. So what is a person to do if they want to see a majestic waterfall in Kentucky without taking a strenuous hike?

There is one majestic waterfall in Kentucky that flows all year, and you don’t have to break a sweat to see it:

Perhaps the most unique thing about Cumberland Falls is the moon bow:

What is a moonbow? It is a very rare, but natural atmospheric phenomena that causes a lunar rainbow, AKA, a rainbow in the dark. It happens when the moon’s silvery beams reflect and refract off mist and water droplets. The conditions for such a miracle have to be exact, or else a moonbow will not be visible. Cumberland Falls is the only place in North America where you can see a real moonbow on a semi-regular basis. It is most likely to occur two days before and two days after the full moon.

1. Has anyone ever tried to go over the falls, like in a boat or barrel?

Yes. Over the years several people have went over Cumberland Falls using various methods, and survived. Some did on purpose; others did so purely on accident, much to their dismay. The most recent attempt involved two kayakers in March of 2016. The story was reported by local media. The Kayakers felt it was a grand rush, till they got arrested.

You can find out more about Cumberland Falls, including cabins and trails here. If you are a waterfall enthusiast, you may also enjoy this waterfall road trip we wrote about in February, complete with a map. The most majestic waterfall in Kentucky is featured along with several other gorgeous falls, though you’ll have to do a bit of walking to see all of them, excluding Cumberland Falls. The beauty of the water as it comes crashing down is worth it, especially if you snap a few good pictures as reminders!