Kentucky is filled with an incredibly diverse landscape, but it tends to be more well known for its rolling hills and horse farms than the towering mountains. But Kentucky does, indeed, have plenty of majestic mountain views and many places to visit throughout the state that will let you experience them. When the mountains are calling your name, head to these seven spots throughout Kentucky that will satisfy your needs. Wondering where the best mountains in KY are? They’re right here!

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Kentucky’s mountains should never be ignored and these seven places throughout the state prove that. Where do you head in Kentucky when you need to escape to the mountains? Let us know in the comments!

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Best Mountains in KY

What are the best mountains in KY for hiking and camping?  

The answer to this one feels fairly obvious (and AMAZING): the Appalachian Mountains are a nature lover’s dream come true, and we’re lucky enough to be able to claim them as ours. Eastern Kentucky is one of the most amazing places in the United States, thanks to the mountains; some of the best state parks in Kentucky are right there, too. Visit Pine Mountain State Resort Park and enjoy it for both the camping and hiking as well as the history (it was Kentucky’s first state park). Carter Caves State Resort Park is another must-do in the Appalachians, especially for anyone with even a passing interest in spelunking (caving).  

Where can I vacation in the KY mountains?  

Our favorite place to vacation in the KY mountains is, unsurprisingly, in the Appalachians, but there are specific parts of the Appalachians that are definitely top-notch when it comes to vacationing. Among the best places for vacation getaways in Kentucky are the Cumberland Mountains, the Doubles, Little Black Mountain, and more.  

What are some of the most beautiful places in KY?  

Life in Kentucky is a lot more beautiful than you might imagine, especially if you’re a lover of amazing nature! Kentucky is gorgeous, and it’s hard to pick just a couple of the beautiful places in KY to mention. There are many different waterfalls in Kentucky that will take your breath away; one of our favorites is the frighteningly named (but amazingly pretty) Dog Slaughter Falls. Fairmount Falls is another one worth mentioning as well. Another amazingly beautiful place in Kentucky is Kentucky Lake, where the sunsets really are something special, and Mammoth Cave is incredible even if you’re not a huge geology geek. Kentucky is a great state for exploring the Great Outdoors!