This Is The Number One Unsolved Mystery In Kentucky And It Will Leave You Baffled

An unsolved mystery in Kentucky can leave you quite baffled, depending on the mystery. March 3, 1876 was a very strange day for an Olympia Springs farm in Bath County. It still remains a mystery till this day.

A farmer’s wife, Mrs. Crouch, was making soap in her yard. A light wind picked up, and suddenly a strange shower started raining down. Mind you, this was no ordinary spring shower.  It was a sunny day, and the objects pummeling down from the sky were chunks of meat, not raindrops. The biggest piece looked to be the size of Mrs. Crouch’s hand; the smallest, the size of a half dollar. It struck the ground and stuck to the fence, covering an area of around 100 by 50 yards.

Both neighbors and hunters came out to help determine the origin of this unsolved mystery in Kentucky:

Still, how did it get there? Not many theories popped up.

Scientist and individuals have struggled with excuses and theories for decades, but nothing was ever determined to be concrete. The meat shower incident remains an unsolved mystery in Kentucky, unless you want to go with the vulture theory. What do you think about the mystery of the meat shower in Bath County?