These 11 Unexplained Natural Phenomena In Kentucky Will Baffle You

Science cannot always explain unusual phenomena, especially in Kentucky. We might be a bit on the laid back side, but when something unusual happens, we take notice. Over the centuries there have been unexplainable events in the Bluegrass State. In some cases, science struggled to find the answers. In others, notes were taken, scientists were baffled and we were left to our own imagination.

Here are 11 unique natural phenomena’s that occurred in Kentucky:

Each one of these baffling occurrences has been documented via military, local media or individual chronicles. Some of the stories have been told for generations, others only a decade or so. The point is that they made an impact at the time of their occurrence that inspired curiosity amongst the locals. This made it newsworthy at the time, and in some cases, a mysterious phenomenon today. These are just a few things that I know happened in Kentucky. What stories of curious phenomena have you heard about over the decades?

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