Everyone In Kentucky Should Take This Underappreciated Scenic Drive

Taking the backroads is nothing new in the Bluegrass State and in fact, we typically prefer it. There’s nothing like a scenic drive on a beautiful afternoon and Kentucky offers so many picturesque places to enjoy one. There are definitely many well known routes throughout the state, but this mountain road is a bit of an underappreciated scenic drive in Kentucky. Hal Rogers Parkway connects Somerset to Hazard and is actually as controversial as it is scenic. Take a closer look at this beautiful drive and be sure to let us know if you’ve taken it before!

From Somerset to Hazard, there are quite a few nearby attractions to enjoy as you take this drive in Kentucky. Hal Rogers Parkway is known for its toll booth history and controversial name, but don’t forget to take it now for beautiful scenery and mountain views.

Have you driven on the Hal Rogers Parkway? Did you drive on it when it was a toll road? Let us know in the comments!

Take a closer look at Carr Creek State Park and see if you’d like to wrap up your drive at this spot.

Address: Hal Rogers Pkwy, London, KY, USA