This Dreamy Train-Themed Trip Through Kentucky Will Take You On The Journey Of A Lifetime

Whether it’s the reminder of a simpler time, the charming nostalgia or the innate magic, for some reason, everyone loves trains. Picturesque train rides or intricate miniature train-filled towns always seem to draw a crowd, which may explain why Kentucky is full of train-themed adventures! While there are several to choose from, we narrowed it down to five spots throughout the Bluegrass State that you could technically visit in one day. Although they are all so intriguing, you may want to plan a little longer than a day to experience this dreamy trip that will take you on the journey of a lifetime.

This train-themed trip truly shows off the beauty, history, and deliciousness our state offers. How many of these Kentucky gems have you visited? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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