10 Trails In Kentucky You Must Take If You Love The Outdoors

Spring is in the air and that can put some spring in our step to get out onto the scenic trails in Kentucky. We have a variety of beautiful places to go for a pleasant walk or a rigorous hike, depending on your preference. Since not all of us are professional hikers, quite a few of these are perfect for those just looking for a scenic walkabout in the woods. However, those who like a challenge will not find disappointment, as most these areas offer trails catering to all who enjoy nature’s bounty.

Here are 10 scenic trails in Kentucky for those that love nature:

Each of these scenic trails in Kentucky offers us an escape into nature’s serenity. There is nothing like walking through the woods, around our waterways or even across our fields, to bring about peace of mind. The stress of everyday life can be a burden at times, but the trails of Kentucky offer sanctuary. What is your favorite place to hike or walk in our state?