Almost Everything Is $1 At The Welcoming TQ Thrift Store In Kentucky

Everyone loves a good bargain and finding something that you really need or perhaps have always wanted is such a thrill – especially at a great price! There are bargain shops and thrift stores all over Kentucky that range from stores with piles that you have to dig through to organized shops that are relaxing and fun to browse. Located in Paducah, TQ Thrift Store in Kentucky definitely falls into the second category. The staff is very welcoming, the shop is clean and organized, and the best part is that almost everything is $1!

If you love bargain shopping and are ever in the Paducah area, stop by TQ Thrift Store in Kentucky. Not only is almost everything one dollar, but there are a wide variety of items and shopping and browsing here is such a pleasant experience. Have you been to TQ Thrift Store? What is your favorite thrift store in Kentucky? Feel free to share your hidden gems with us in the comments!

For more information on TQ Thrift Store, including its current hours, visit its Facebook page.

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Address: Paducah, KY, USA