Most People Don’t Know These 11 Super Tiny Towns In Kentucky Exist

Big cities often get media attention, while small towns remain seemingly invisible. Kentucky has towns that are so small, they can seem like a gate we just pass through. As far as I can tell, there are no “noted” towns with under 200 residents, but there are plenty of places with less than 500 people. Small towns tend to have a lot more undeveloped land around them, allowing Kentucky’s natural beauty to stand out.

Here are 11 tiny towns that you might miss if you don’t know they exist:

These 11 tiny towns in Kentucky may not seem like much, but they are all unique and surrounded by nature. There’s a lot of history in these small communities, yet many have remained somewhat unknown, and infrequently photographed over the years. There are a lot of places in the Bluegrass that have fewer than 500 citizens, even more that have under 1000. If you have a favorite tiny town in Kentucky, please comment below.