The Tiny Beach Town In Kentucky You’ve Never Heard Of But Need To Visit

When you think of Kentucky, you may not think of beach towns. For states along a coast, there are sure to be tiny waterfront towns that dot the beaches, but here in Kentucky, we are more known for rolling hills, mountains, and lakes. Luckily, some of those lakes happen to have welcoming beaches, and even a beach town or two. If you’ve vacationed along Kentucky Lake, perhaps you’ve heard of the small town of Gilbertsville. Located right next to the Kentucky Dam, this city is all about the water and it’s definitely a tiny beach town that you may not have heard of yet, but need to visit.

Gilbertsville is one of several towns around Kentucky Lake to spend time on the water, and it really does have it all. Have you visited this beach town in our state? What other lakefront towns do you love? Let us know in the comments!

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Address: Gilbertsville, KY, USA
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Beautiful Beach Town in Kentucky

April 08, 2021

What are some of the most beautiful beach towns in Kentucky?

Kentucky has many beautiful bodies of water — from majestic lakes to winding rivers — which means many of our cities and towns are close to the adventure the water provides. But there are a few delightful beach towns in the Bluegrass State that are nestled right along the banks of a lake, river, or stream, making them the perfect spot for a charming day trip. Grand Rivers, known as the Village Between the Lakes, is a water-lover’s paradise. With designated walking trails, marinas, and nearby Land Between the Lakes, you’ll never get bored in this Kentucky town. And make sure you stick around for an unforgettable sunset. You can read about some of our favorite beach towns in Kentucky in this article.

What are the beaches like in Kentucky?

While The Bluegrass State might not be the first place that comes to mind in terms of beautiful beaches, rest assured Kentucky has some downright stunning shores.  Outside of Louisville, the Rough River Dam State Resort Park has been a beloved destination for tourists and locals since 1962. There is plenty of outdoor fun to be had here, from exciting fishing adventures to birdwatching or just soaking up some rays relaxing on the lakeshore. In Mammoth Cave, the sandy beach of Nolin Lake State Park is a great home base for exploring the area’s many recreational activities. Venture out to spot waterfalls on the Briar Creek Trail, get your adrenaline pumping on the mountain biking paths, or explore the wildlife displays at the site’s nature center.

What are some charming small towns in Kentucky?

One of the most charming small towns in Kentucky, Paducah is an absolute delight. Known as a mecca for those wishing to express their creativity, it’s perfectly located along the mighty Ohio River. This charming town is full of artistic flair, as well as scenic waterfront views from its historic downtown. Here you’ll find wonderful restaurants, shops, and historic sites, as well as the opportunity to be near the water. According to the city’s website, Paducah is home to more historic markers per capita than any other city in Kentucky, so you’ll have plenty of exploring to do! This delightful place is perfect for a day trip in The Bluegrass State.

Address: Gilbertsville, KY, USA