These 10 Amazing Time Lapse Videos Show Kentucky Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Kentucky is a beautiful state. We have seemingly endless acres of lush forests, diverse plant and wild life, stunning sunsets and sunrises, along with more miles of water ways than any state, excluding Alaska. Some might even say Kentucky is the “most” beautiful state in the U.S. As a matter of fact, we even found Kentucky timelapse videos to back up our boast of beauty. (Not that we are bias or anything.)

The problem was there is so much to see in the Bluegrass State, just one video couldn’t cover it all justly. Here are 10 Kentucky timelapse videos that show the beauty of the Bluegrass State:

1. Harlan County


2. Cumberland Falls at dusk with moonbow


3. A ride down Kentucky River


4. Louisville, our largest city


5. A view of Eastern Kentucky


6. Sunrise on a horse farm


7. A breathtaking view of Black Mountain, a part of which shows the a meteor shower


8. This lets you experience a year in the life of Kentucky’s Green River


9. This timelapse video focuses on the temperature change within 24 hours. (On this specific day we dropped from almost 60 to the teens, then back up to the high 50s.) Some people have to see it to believe it.


10. The world’s biggest fireworks show, Thunder Over Louisville, timelapse 2015

Each one of these surreal Kentucky timelapse videos features something beautiful or unique about the Bluegrass State. I had a hard time deciding on a favorite, but which one of these videos do you think best represented Kentucky?