Rent Your Own Three-Story Party Boat In Kentucky For An Amazing Time On The Water

Boats used to be such a simple form of transportation and then eventually entertainment, but wow have they come a long way! Not only can you spend an entire day very comfortably on a boat, but you can even live on one for as long as you can handle the gentle rocking and water views. Lake Cumberland is a popular weekend getaway in Kentucky, especially for those who love to be out on a boat. And if you really want to live it up, consider renting your very own three-story party boat for an amazing time on the water.

Address: 6365 State Park Road, Jamestown, KY 42629

If you can swing a trip to the lake while the weather is still warm, State Dock and its array of rentals is a great option. Or if you want something to look forward to, consider planning a weekend getaway in Kentucky for next year that includes a double decker pontoon or maybe even the ultimate three-story houseboat. Have you been lucky enough to enjoy the ultimate lake getaway in Kentucky? Share your favorite experiences with us in the comments!

For more information on State Dock Marina on Lake Cumberland, visit its website and follow along with them on Facebook.

And while you’re on Lake Cumberland, you may want to seek out this incredible waterfall that’s reachable by boat or car.


Address: 6365 State Park Rd, Jamestown, KY 42629, USA