9 Things You Can’t Do In Kentucky Anymore… But Wish You Could

Our state has been around since the 1700s, so it is only logical that things have come and gone over the ages. Occasionally, we may savor memories of things you can’t do in Kentucky anymore. We might yearn to experience the life we visualize when we hear tales of yesteryear provided by our parents or grandparents. There are some things we cannot bring back to Kentucky, no matter how much we wish we could, and here are 9 of them:

We all grow up with stories of days of old as passed down from elders. We get to have our own experiences and see life through the eyes of those that lived decades before us. This can make us wish we could return to our youth, or visit some of elder’s favored spots first hand. Unfortunately, in many cases that is impossible. What experiences do you wish you could bring back to Kentucky that have faded into history?