The Massive Full-Scale Biblical Replica Of Noah’s Ark In Kentucky Opens Soon

When most people think of theme parks, places like Kentucky Kingdom or King’s Island come to mind. However, some of the God-fearing people in the Bluegrass State decided it was time for a new kind of theme park to garner attention. Visitors will not find the average amusement park rides, propaganda and entertainment at this new venue. As a matter of fact, you won’t find another place anywhere in the world quiet like this theme park with Noah’s Ark in Kentucky.

What makes this theme park about Noah’s Ark in Kentucky so unique? For starters, Ark Encounter has a massive wooden ark:

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The main attraction is visible from miles away:

What is getting the most attention is the park’s exact replica of Noah’s ark, as told in the Bible. The ark itself measures 510 feet long, 51 feet high, and 85 feet wide. Inside visitors will find Hamm’s vision of an interactive educational tool, with exhibits answering questions like, “How was the ark built and how many animals fit on board?”

News of this unusual theme park and the controversy it inspires has spread. The Ark Encounter is making headlines across the US, including the NYDaily and Newsweek. The new park is set to open on July 7th in Williamstown. Adult tickets will cost $40 per day, or $99 if you want to come 7 days in a row. Tickets get you into the museum, the zoo and the ark itself. Regardless of your opinion in the ark controversy, you have to admit, it is unusual to have a massive replica of Noah’s Ark in Kentucky. This one of a kind attraction will likely pull in tourism for the commonwealth, and put Williamstown in the public eye.