15 Sites In Kentucky That Will Remind You How Stunning America Truly Is

Our entire country is beautiful, but the Bluegrass State has a special place in my heart. No matter what part of the state you travel to, you will find breathtaking scenery along the way. Our forests, rivers, bridges, lakes and land all offer a serene feeling in some way. Kentucky can easily remind everyone how stunning America really is naturally.

Here are 15 stunning places in Kentucky:

Rolling hills, rich forests, man-made water wonders, bridges and stunning acts by Mother Nature are all a normal part of the day in some parts of Kentucky. These breathtaking images were all captured by local photographers, who obviously have love for our state. If you ever need a reminder of how stunning America is, take a ride through the Bluegrass State, and you will quickly be reminded.

Where do you recommend visiting to remember how special America is via Kentucky?