Kentucky’s Very Own Stonehenge Makes For A Memorable Roadside Stop

The Bluegrass State has all sorts of peculiar sites and attractions, from larger-than-life caves to bizarre roadside shops. A trip around our state can include a wide array of experiences, including one you may never think to look for on this side of the Atlantic. Stonehenge is a well known, prehistoric monument in England, but did you know there is a version of Stonehenge in Kentucky? This curious place makes for a memorable roadside stop and is located near many other fun-filled places in the Bluegrass.

Stonehenge in Kentucky may not be the same as the famous one in England, but it does have its own fascination. The next time you’re near Munfordville, head here for a memorable roadside stop. Did you know our state had its very own Stonehenge? Have you seen it? Share your experience with us in the comments!

For more information, visit the Kentucky Stonehenge website. Keep in mind that this is on private property, but you are welcome to visit. Please be respectful of the property and the structures, themselves.

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Address: 201 Lynn Ave, Munfordville, KY 42765, USA