10 Places In Kentucky Where You’re Most Likely To Spot A Celebrity

Kentucky has been the birthplace of many celebrities, like Johnny Depp, Muhammad Ali, George Clooney, and Jennifer Lawrence. They tend to move away, but often times will return to visit family, attend events, or enjoy some of the Bluegrass amenities. There aren’t a lot of good places to spot them in the “wild” but here are some that offer a little better chance.

Here are 10 places in Kentucky you might see a celebrity:

It has been said over the years that Kentucky has a vortex, sucking people back in when they move away. Not everyone returns, but most people, even celebrities, come back every now and then. Research shows the northern and north eastern parts of our beautiful state are the primary areas celebrities tend to visit. Realistically, the Kentucky Derby is the primary draw, other than pre-organized concerts and events. If you are familiar with other celebrity draws in our beautiful state, please share in the comments.