This Spooky Small Town In Kentucky Could Be Right Out Of A Horror Movie

Editor’s Note: While abandoned, the Blue Heron Minind Community is actually a lovely place to visit and many of the information in this article is no longer accurate. For an up-to-date look at Blue Heron, check out this more recent article.

There are a lot of abandoned towns in our state, most of which have been covered up by lakes, or washed away by flooding. A few have some remnants that can still be seen. One of which is a spooky small town in Kentucky called Blue Heron.

It doesn’t look that intimidating during the daylight hours, but this spooky small town in Kentucky gets pretty creepy at night. Just imagine… the sounds of metal scraping, wind rustling the leaves and tipple… and the memories. Would you want to spend the night at this abandoned coal town? We have written about some other creepy abandoned towns that are great for paranormal enthusiasts.