Here Are The 10 Smartest Cities In Kentucky To Live In

Kentuckians are often looked upon by other states as more rural people, with farming skills other than noted intelligence. This is just not true, as some incredibly intelligent people come from, or are schooled in the Bluegrass State. We are gifted with a few great school systems, in varying locations. Over the centuries we have been host to fantastic actors, presidents, inventors, and even people involved in the abolishment of slavery. Over all, we’re pretty smart folks, despite what other states might joke about.

Here are 10 cities that bring out the brains in Kentucky, according to statistics:

Also, National Geographic gave Kentucky props for two of our smart cities in 2014. These cities were chosen, not out of just the United States, but out of the entire world.

When visiting Kentucky, many travelers notice the welcome sign says, “where education pays”. Some of the wonderful towns above prove that it does. These communities show a higher than average amount of long term educational degrees, such as a Bachelors, MD, Law, Phd and Masters.

Mind you, educated people are everywhere in the Bluegrass, and many have what could be considered a “Masters” in life skills. Never judge a book by its cover, but instead by what it contains. If you believe your community does focus, or needs to focus on improving higher education standards, please comment below.

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