What Every Small Town In Kentucky Had In The 1930s. It Was A Simpler Time.

Back in the 1930s, the small towns of Kentucky didn’t have a lot of technology. In fact, it was a simpler time altogether. People could depend on their neighbors, who were sometimes few and far between in rural areas. Walking, horses and mules were the primary modes of transportation, even for the mail carriers. Looking back in time at the lives our grandparents or great grandparents once had, it is easy to see that technology has really taken over in modern society.

During a simpler time, here are 20 things most Kentucky small towns had:

Some of us yearn for the return of a simpler time, when we didn’t push a button for everything. People worked a lot harder physically back then, as their actual survival in Kentucky depended on it. If you wanted to eat, you grew food or had something to barter with. Canning was done with glass jars and flour was sold in a sack that could be made into a dress. Yes, things were a lot harder, but they were a lot less complicated. I always enjoyed the stories told by those that lived during that era. What do you remember hearing from your elders about the 1930s?

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