Taco Luchador Highlands Is A Tiny Restaurant In Kentucky That Serves Delicious Mexican Food

Louisville has plenty to offer in the culinary arena these days. But you don’t have to go high-end or expensive to eat some of the city’s best food. Despite its humble size, the original Taco Luchador in Highlands offers unique flavors, ample portions, and the freshest ingredients. It’s located in the middle of a bustling shopping area, making the self-described “quirky” eating place a great place to stop for lunch or dinner while you hunt trinkets or bargains. Even better, it’s open most of the day and evening, every day of the week.

Be sure to visit the original Taco Luchador the next time you are in Louisville. You can find the restaurant at 938 Baxter Avenue, and all the information you need about it is on their website. The tiny eatery is sure to become one of your favorites.

Address: Taco Luchador, 938 Baxter Ave, Louisville, KY 40204, USA