10 Things You Know Are True If You Went To A Small High School In Kentucky

Our Kentucky education helps to shape us into our adult life. We learn and grow via our environment, and there’s a huge difference between a small and large high school. The more people, the more spread out the community, and clicks within the school. The smaller the school, the more people are aware of one another. This may be a pattern in all states, but Kentuckians still have our own twist to things.

Here are 10 things you learn from being educated in a small high school:

A lot has changed since the school doors closed behind me in the early 80s, but these were things that stuck with most the kids in our rural community. Every generation has their own unique experience and personal lessons. Kentuckians may have some of the same experiences other students do, but the atmosphere is certainly different. What high school lessons still linger in your memories? Tell us in the comments below!