Small Business Spotlight 2021

One Of The Most Incredible Small Businesses In Kentucky, DV8 Kitchen Is Changing Lives One Sandwich At A Time

Can a sandwich change a life? (And not just in a really good, life-changing sandwich¬†kind of way). The answer might surprise you. At Kentucky’s DV8 Kitchen, folks struggling with addiction are given a second chance at employment, and it’s truly a life-changing experience. Addiction is a lonely, lonely place to be, and the decision to get help is something that should be celebrated, supported, and encouraged. Yet for people in the early stages of substance abuse recovery, it can be extremely difficult — nearly impossible — to find employers who are willing to take a chance on them. But DV8 Kitchen Owners¬†Diane and Rob Perez are willing to take that chance, and it’s created a sea change in many, many people’s lives.

DV8 Kitchen is one of the most inspiring places you’ll ever visit, and we are so proud to have them here in Kentucky. To learn more about DV8 Kitchen, including restaurant hours and ways to support this nonprofit, visit their website or call (859) 955-0388, and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram, too.

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Address: DV8 Kitchen, 867 S Broadway #140, Lexington, KY 40504, USA