These 6 Road Trips In Kentucky Will Lead You To Places You’ll Never Forget

Road trips can be a blast if you know where to go, and road trips in Kentucky usually lead us toward beautiful places that are unforgettable. Granted, bad weather is not necessarily the time to take a journey like this, but when the roads are clear, the trip can be amazing. Why? For starters, Kentucky is just a beautiful state, brimming with forestry, rivers, lakes and wildlife. Our state has quite the allure when you look at it from a naturesque perspective.

Here are 6 road trips in Kentucky you won’t soon forget:

Each one of these road trips in Kentucky will leave you with a new feel for our beautiful state. The scenic beauty you pass will be unforgettable, and the parks and other attractions are scrapbook worthy experiences. There are countless serene drives and attractions like these all across the Bluegrass State. What is your favorite spot to go for a road trip in Kentucky?