Since Kentucky’s northern border is formed by a river, it only makes sense that there are many cities and towns that have a close relationship with this body of water. The Ohio River and its tributaries were a big reason many of these communities were founded, including the charming Kentucky town of Paducah. So, what river runs through Paducah, Kentucky? Situated in the western part of the state, this city marks the point where the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers join in a fascinating confluence. Paducah also happens to be a wonderful place to visit for its river history, artistic flair, welcoming people, and all-around charm. Come along as we delve further into this fascinating river confluence history and town:

Paducah is a charming Kentucky town that has so much to offer both locals and visitors. Its ties to the river are on display throughout the city and you can experience it for yourself by spending time in this historic river town in the Bluegrass State.

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For more information on what Paducah has to offer its visitors, follow along with the Visitor’s Bureau on Facebook and take a look at their website.

And for more on the beautiful murals that span three blocks, check out our previous article.

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