Kentucky’s history is long, fascinating, and at times, filled with darkness and mystery. Our state has been the site of many wartime battles over the years, many of which are still memorialized to this day. You can visit historic sites, state parks, and other places throughout Kentucky that give you an authentic sense of these dangerous and impactful times. Going all the way back to the 1700s and the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Blue Licks took place on Kentucky soil. This battle has quite the story and each year the Revolutionary War comes to life at a huge reenactment at Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park in northeast Kentucky.

The Battle of Blue Licks was one of the last fought during the Revolutionary War time period and it remains a dark tale from Kentucky’s fascinating past. Have you seen this reenactment or been to this historic state park? Where else do you go to learn about Kentucky’s history? Let us know in the comments!

Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park is located at 10299 Maysville Rd., Carlisle, KY 40311. For more information on the park, visit its website here and to learn more about the reenactment, visit its website here.

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