The Little Known Zoo In Kentucky With One Of The Largest Reptile Collections In The Country

Kentucky is a great state for animal lovers, as you can experience a wide variety in the wild or at one of many zoos and destinations around the state. If you happen to have a fascination with reptiles, then you may be surprised to learn that the Bluegrass State is home to a little-known zoo with one of the largest reptile collections in the country. The Kentucky Reptile Zoo is a unique destination is definitely worth a visit.

Snakes may not be the most beloved creature in the world, but thanks to the Kentucky Reptile Zoo, we can learn about them, appreciate them, and help to support the conservation efforts of this little-known destination in Slade. Have you visited the reptiles here? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

The Kentucky Reptile Zoo is located at 200 L&E Railroad Pl., Slade, KY 40376. For more information, visit its website here and follow along on Facebook here.

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