The Brand New Wood-Fired Steakhouse On Kentucky’s Whiskey Row, Repeal, Will Be An Instant Hot Spot

Is there any better way to indulge in Kentucky than with a glass of bourbon and a fantastic steak? Very likely not and there are a few ideal places to have this classic experience. Now there is also a new dining destination in Louisville that will understandably be an instant hot spot. Repeal Oak-Fired Steakhouse in Kentucky is a must-try restaurant within Hotel Distil on Whiskey Row and you’re going to love everything about this unique and delicious experience.

Repeal Oak-Fired Steakhouse in Kentucky literally takes pieces from the past to create a flavorful menu and all in an environment you won’t find anywhere else. As the newest hot spot along Whiskey Row, you’ll get a taste of both delicious steak and history at this steakhouse in Kentucky. Have you heard of this new restaurant in Louisville? Are you excited to try it? Let us know in the comments!

For more information on Repeal Oak-Fired Steakhouse, visit the restaurant’s website for a look inside and a peek at its menu.

Be sure to spend more time on Whiskey Row while you’re in the area and check out a historic urban distillery.

Address: 101 W Main St Unit 101, Louisville, KY 40202, USA