This Rare Video From 1938 Represents Life In Rural Kentucky

Not all cities started out the size they are. As a matter of fact, many of them started out quite small. Back in the day, a few families would settle, and then a few more would come, and so on. Independence is one such town, but today it is a thriving community of around 23,000. During the decade of Depression, things were a lot different. We were looking for old Bluegrass footage and ran across this rare 1938 video in Kentucky.

This is a rare video of life in Independence Kentucky during 1938:

This is what the community of Independence looks like today.

It change that can occur over a few decades is amazing. Modern life might still be a struggle, but compared to flour sack clothes and bare feet, things are much improved. This rare 1938 video in Kentucky offers us a great opportunity to see the way people in Independence survived during a time when the whole country was hurting. You can also view footage of the Appalachians during 1940 we covered here.

The drone footage gives a different perspective. Watching these two videos of the same community, we see how much the Independence has grown and evolved over the decades.