Looking at pictures from the past can have us reminiscing about the wonders of that era, and the ancestors that lived it. Mere images have the power to make us daydream and wonder about the history of our state, but watching a film is even better. We lucked into finding this rare 1940 footage in Kentucky that was filmed in the Appalachian community. The way these strong Kentuckians lived during that era is a real eye opener.

Though many families in the Appalachians still struggle in today’s economy, there are programs in place that can help. When this footage in Kentucky was recorded, families had to find their own way to make ends meet. The rest of the country was enduring the Great Depression, but to the Appalachian residents, that was just another year of life in general.

From the flour sack dresses to the one room schoolhouse, this rare 1940 footage in Kentucky stirs the soul. It is a reminder of a simpler time, when people were happy with simpler things.

Most of us weren’t around during the Great Depression, but we all have, or had family that survived. I’ve always enjoyed the stories told by our elders, especially their handy survival tips. The narration and music seemed appropriate, and the young boys perspective on opportunity near the end was truly touching.

What did you think about the portrayal of the Appalachian people in this rare 1940 footage in Kentucky?

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