Explore History, Charm, And A Scenic Drive To The Town Of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

Kentucky is filled with iconic landmarks that exude history and Americana. Our state treasures these pieces of our past and there are many chances throughout the Bluegrass to step back in time. As the world changes at a faster pace than ever, slow down for a bit and make a visit to Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. This small town along the Ohio River is filled with history and charm and has beaten the odds over and over again. It is more than just a peculiar name and you’re going to want to enjoy a scenic drive to explore the historic town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.

Rabbit Hash, Kentucky has long had a loyal following and locals love to hang out on its front porches and picnic tables. But it also stands as a historic tourist attraction, ready to greet visitors who are eager to explore its history, charm, and persistence in preserving a slice of Americana. Have you taken a scenic drive to Rabbit Hash, Kentucky? Share your experience with us in the comments!

For more information on the town and on the Rabbit Hash General Store, visit its website here and follow along on Facebook here.

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Address: 10021 Lower River Rd, Burlington, KY 41005, USA