Oh, to be queen of Kentucky for a day. That is a wish I am sure many women share, (or King in the case of male Kentuckians.) If I was queen of Kentucky, there were be a few alterations I would deem necessary. Our state is incredibly beautiful, but still. One point is that there is more to the Bluegrass State then the Kentucky Derby. If the crown was ever to rest upon my head, I would embrace the challenge of creating more sunshine and versatility within our borders.

Here are 10 things I would do if I was queen of Kentucky:

This is not meant to be negative towards our gorgeous state, but more as a humorous “what if”. If I was queen, I would, somehow, make sure that the rest of the U.S. knew that some Kentuckians are successful, intelligent, friendly and full of life, and “hillbilly” does not mean uneducated bumpkin. Our strengths would be recognized, our weather wonderful and our lands would remain perfect, since they already are. If you were queen or king for a day, what would you change about Kentucky?


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