Kentucky’s Pegasus Parade Is One Of The Largest In The U.S.

Here in Kentucky, Derby Day is a statewide holiday. We dress to the nines, drink our weight in mint juleps, and revel in a celebration that pretty much takes over downtown Louisville. One of the highlights of Derby Day (aside from, you know, the actual race itself), is the Pegasus Parade. This year, the parade will march on Sunday afternoon, May 1, to officially kick off the Derby week festivities. Kentucky’s Pegasus Parade is one of the largest in the U.S., and it’s truly an event everyone should experience!

Have you ever been to Kentucky’s Pegasus Parade? What’s your favorite part of Derby Day? Share your thoughts on all things Derby Day in the comments below!

And while we’re celebrating Kentucky’s equestrian prowess, there’s an amazing park in Lexington that’s another must-visit for horse enthusiasts.

Address: Whiteheath Lane & Gatehouse Lane, Whiteheath Ln & Gatehouse Ln, Douglass Hills, KY 40243, USA