Marvel Over The Mega-Sized Donuts At Paradise Donuts In Kentucky

Donuts are a favorite food of many and they are delicious, no matter the size. Whether you prefer the donut holes, or something more typical, donuts are best at any size and any time of day. But have you ever tried a mega-sized donut? Paradise Donuts in Kentucky creates these massive donuts that are perfect for a crowd. You’ll marvel over their size and you’ll also be thankful for it once you’ve tried that first bite and are eager for more.

Paradise Donuts in Kentucky is a local gem in Hebron that offers up tasty treats of all sizes. But if you really want to celebrate and indulge, go with a mega-sized donut – just be sure to share. Have you tried a massive donut from Paradise Donuts? What other local bakeries make these delicious creations? Let us know in the comments!

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Address: Paradise Donuts, 2044 Harris Pike, Independence, KY 41051, USA