There Are Endless Scenic Views Along The Trail At Paintsville Lake State Park In Kentucky

If you’re going to take a scenic hiking trail in Kentucky, you want it to offer endless views of natural beauty. Some trails require some hiking through a not-so-scenic area before reaching the beautiful destination, while others are scenic all the way through. Located in Eastern Kentucky, Paintsville Lake State Park is an underrated destination that offers one of these trails with endless scenic views. Walk through the woods and enjoy incredible vistas of this unique lake on this favorite scenic hiking trail in Kentucky.

Paintsville Lake State Park has one main trail, but that’s all it needs. This scenic hiking trail in Kentucky has a little bit of everything and is picturesque all year long. Bring the kids, your pup, or just yourself and explore this underrated park in Eastern Kentucky. Have you been to Paintsville Lake? What’s your favorite Kentucky hike that’s scenic the entire way? Let us know in the comments!

For more information on the Kiwanis Trail at Paintsville Lake, visit the park’s website and also read more about it on Alltrails.

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Address: 1551 Kentucky Rte 2275, Staffordsville, KY 41256, USA