9 Amazing Places You Can Go On One Tank Of Gas In Southern Kentucky

Summer is a great time to take a road trip. We recently covered a north and north eastern Kentucky road trip that you could take on one tank of gas. It is only fair we do a follow-up with a one tank trip in southern Kentucky. The entire state is beautiful and offers and abundance of unique activities and places to visit. Here are 9 places you can go on one tank of gas in southern Kentucky, complete with a map for your convenience.

A good economy car will get you about 300 miles to the tank. We made this a 286 mile journey, so travelers could enjoy an easy one tank trip in southern Kentucky. Obviously, if you have a non-economy car, especially a V8, you might have to cut the trip into a third to make it one tank, but there are still some entertaining possibilities. Let’s take advantage of the gorgeous weather and see some of the beautiful places Kentucky has to offer!