This Once Abandoned Kentucky Cemetery Has Quite The Fascinating Story

A cemetery is often a beautiful final resting place and many are filled with history and peaceful surroundings, appropriate for their purpose. But what happens when a cemetery is misused and then abandoned? It would seem like something like this should never happen, given the respect we wish to give those who have passed away. But unfortunately, it happens all the time and one particular cemetery in Louisville has been through it all. Eastern Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in the city and after a sordid past, was abandoned. A non-profit has come to the rescue though, and is working hard to restore the history and burial plots of this fascinating cemetery.

Thankfully, the organization Friends of Eastern Cemetery is passionate about restoring this piece of Kentucky history and finally giving this final resting place the respect it deserves. Have you heard the story of Eastern Cemetery? Do you know of other abandoned cemeteries in Kentucky with fascinating tales? Let us know in the comments!

For more information on everything this organization is doing to help restore Eastern Cemetery, visit their website here.

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