The Oldest Business In Kentucky Is Also The Most Recognizable Brand Of Bourbon In The World

Kentucky’s history is long and fascinating and some stories and businesses from the Bluegrass date back just as far or even further. Kentucky became a state in 1792 and at that time, believe it or not, our well-known bourbon industry was already in the works. In fact, by 1795 one company officially began selling its creations and it is now known as the oldest business in Kentucky. Of course, we are talking about Jim Beam, which is not only the oldest business in the state, but is also most likely the most recognizable brand of bourbon in the world.

Jim Beam is extremely well known throughout the Bluegrass State, but it’s also very likely the most recognizable brand of bourbon in the world. And as the oldest business in Kentucky at 225 years old, we can expect to see many more years, decades, and even centuries of bourbon making ahead of us. Is Jim Beam your favorite brand of bourbon in the Bluegrass? What other older businesses in Kentucky do you love? Let us know in the comments!

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Address: James B. Beam Distilling Co., 568 Happy Hollow Rd, Clermont, KY 40110, USA