The Brand New Overlooks In Kentucky That Must Be Added To Your Bucket List

Have you ever been driving through Kentucky and come across a view that you absolutely had to pull over to experience? Maybe you even found yourself climbing over barriers or wading through weeds to get that magical iphone shot. This exact scenario was happening a bit too much in the county of Letcher in Eastern Kentucky, so they decided to do something about it. There are now five incredible (and safe) overlooks throughout the county that showcase its natural beauty and give you just one more reason to plan a visit to this lovely area of Kentucky.

There are sure to be countless memories made while looking out from these spectacular overlooks in Letcher County. Have you spent time in this area of Kentucky? Share your experience with us in the comments!

To locate the new overlooks of Pine Mountain, you’ll travel from Whitesburg and take HWY 119 South toward Cumberland / Harlan, Kentucky. The overlooks are just past the 4-mile marker on the right. And for more information on all of the exciting adventures awaiting in Letcher County, visit their website here.

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