11 Reasons Why Kentucky Is The Most Patriotic State In The Country

Kentucky people are not just friendly and good hearted, they are also incredibly patriotic. There are so many signs of patriotism scattered across the Bluegrass State that it should be quite obvious. From our amazing comradely to the pride we take in country, we are bursting with patriotism.

Here are 11 reasons why we are the most patriotic state in the U.S.:

Wallethub only ranks Kentucky 38th in the U.S. for overall patriotism and Independence Day celebrations. Those of us who actually live in the Bluegrass State cannot honestly see how they could come up with such an insulting figure. We are a very loyal and patriotic people, and that should be brought to light. These are just a few reasons why I see our beautiful state as very patriotic. What do you envision as waving symbols of patriotism in Kentucky?