Spend The Night At Kentucky’s Most Haunted Campground For A Truly Terrifying Experience

Campfire ghost stories have been told for centuries, but have you ever been to a real haunted campground in Kentucky? If not, you might want to check out this one of a kind camping experience. There are some beautiful campgrounds scattered across Land Between the Lakes, and they all have a ghost story or two. The stars of that show may or may not come to visit. If they do, you are sure to have a memorable experience.

If you enjoy a good scare, here are 7 reasons to visit this haunted campground in Kentucky:

Land Between the Lakes is a gorgeous section of the Bluegrass State, but people who camp here, often say they here unexplained noises. Of course, this could always be other campers or wildlife, or it could be something more. For those that like a real life scare, try taking this haunted road trip across the state. If you want to take a chance on seeing some woodlands spirits, the LBL haunted campground in Kentucky is a perfect night of fear and fun.