Kentucky’s Most Easily Accessible Waterfall Is Hiding In Plain Sight At The Cove Spring Park

Kentucky is kind of famous for its waterfalls, with the Bluegrass boasting one of the only falls in the world where a moonbow occurs regularly. But there are many, many more cascades in the Bluegrass State: tall falls, cave falls, and even waterfalls that will have you seeing double! Kentucky truly is a waterfall chaser’s dream, and while many of the state’s finest falls require some adventurous acumen and ability, there are some hiding in plain sight for all to admire. Which brings us to today’s destination: the waterfall at Cove Spring Park in Frankfort, which is perhaps Kentucky’s most accessible waterfall.

Visit the Cove Spring Park website to plan your trip to Kentucky’s most easily accessible waterfall. And while you’re in Frankfort, be sure to check out these historic landmarks in town!

Address: Cove Spring Park, 100 Cove Spring Rd, Frankfort, KY 40601, USA