People In These 11 Cities Are The Most Attractive In Kentucky

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but you don’t have to look far within our borders to find it. Our state is renowned for scenic beauty and serene spots to escape into nature. However, we should also be recognized for the cities that gave us attractive people in Kentucky. The is an abundance of beautiful everyday people scattered to the north, south, east and west here, but some cities are blessed with being the birth place of incredibly attractive individuals that are/were also very successful. Since we all don’t know the lovely Jane or Jon Does down the street, this list is comprised of our cities that gave us beautiful celebrities that touched hearts or minds in some way.

These 11 cities gave birth to “some” of the most attractive people in Kentucky:

11. Paintsville

This is home to the beautiful Paintsville Lake, offering fresh clean air and one of the most relaxing environments in Kentucky. Perhaps that all the clean air and country living is what helps beautiful beings like Crystal Gail come into existence. There are only 4,283 residents here, but rest assured you will find some beauties among them.

There is no shortage of cities filled with attractive people in Kentucky. If your city isn’t on here, you are considered among the lovely, but unknown “Jane or Jon Does” previously mentioned. You are welcome to comment the beautiful people born in Kentucky you think deserve recognition, be he/she a relative, friend or someone who just does good deeds. Beauty is all around us! What cities do you think seem to have an abundance of beautiful people?

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