You’re Going To Love These Predictions About Kentucky’s Mild Upcoming Winter

As summer ends, you may be excited to welcome the cooler temperatures of fall, but also a little depressed that winter is not too far behind. Winter in Kentucky can mean days warm enough to sport flip-flops, to treacherous ice storms, to a foot of snow that closes schools for a week. Each year the Farmer’s Almanac releases its forecast for the upcoming winter and this year, it seems, Kentucky will be spared. If you’re not a fan of freezing cold and snow, then gear up for the winter of your dreams.

How accurate do you think the Farmer’s Almanac predictions will be? Are you excited for this forecast? Share your thoughts with us in the comments! And to check out what’s being predicted for other areas of the country, visit the Almanac’s website here.

And if you want to plan ahead and find the perfect spot in Kentucky for a winter getaway, check out our article from last winter here.