Drink Your Way Through Kentucky On The Margarita Mile

Kentucky is home to some excellent Mexican restaurants, and nothing pairs better with a platter of enchiladas than a margarita. Whether you enjoy them frozen or on the rocks, these sweet drinks perfectly cool down a spicy meal. We’ve featured some amazing food trips and trails throughout the Bluegrass State (check out our Taco Trail and our Chocolate Shop Road Trip), and we decided it was time to round up some of the best margaritas and Mexican food.

This “Margarita Mile” is a stretch of places in and around Louisville that could all be visited in a long weekend if you’re dedicated to finding the best in town. Drink your way through Kentucky on the Margarita Mile and report back with which stop was your favorite. Cheers!

It’s about time that Kentucky adds a Margarita Mile to the lineup of tasty food trails! Add these seven restaurants to your list of places to try and enjoy some of the best margaritas and Mexican food in Kentucky. Did your favorite margarita destination make the list? Share your favorite Mexican restaurants around Kentucky and we can work on more lists for different areas of the state!