11 Of The Most Enchanting Man Made Wonders In Kentucky

We have an abundance of gifts from Mother Nature in our beautiful state. That is a simple truth. However, you may find the manmade wonders in Kentucky to be quite impressive as well. Creating impressive or “awe-worthy” attractions is quite a challenge when compared to our nature’s abundant forests, natural bridges, lakes, rivers and interconnecting caves. Fortunately, we have some talented architects, engineers and everyday people that put their heart and soul into adding other great things and places to the Bluegrass State.

Here are 11 manmade wonders in Kentucky worth checking out:

11. Twin Spires of Churchill Downs

The spires give off an air of elegance at Churchill Downs, but why are they a wonder? They have been a part of our state since their design in 1895 by a 24 year old named Joseph Dominic Baldez, as the roof of the Churchill Downs grandstand. There have been just as many celebrities walking past those spires as on the red carpet… possibly more, as not everyone gets the red carpet. This is home to Kentucky’s biggest economy boost annually and the image of the spires is recognized around the world.

There is so much to see and do in this state that great attractions might fall through the cracks. These manmade wonders in Kentucky celebrate the necessity, creativity and ingenuity of our people. From dams to bridges to manmade lakes, Kentuckians worked hard to achieve what they wanted or what was needed. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so what are your favorite manmade wonders in Kentucky?