When you think of castles, your mind probably immediately goes to the European countryside, perhaps England, Ireland, or France. However, there actually are a handful of castles hiding right here in Kentucky. (The Bluegrass State is certainly full of surprises!) These charming castles in Kentucky are all absolutely worth visiting, and we created this road trip so you can do just that. Our Kentucky Castle Road Trip is a royal adventure that will give you newfound appreciation for the great state of Kentucky! 

Below is a photo of the map of the route. It will take about five hours, and we recommend doing the bulk of the trip in one day, and then staying over night at Castle Post before traveling the longest and final leg of the journey the next day. And please note, that while you can tour some of these Kentucky castles; for others, you will simply have to admire from the outside.

If you’re ready for a mini-vacation that will make you feel like royalty, then definitely tackle our Kentucky Castle Road Trip. It’s easily our most regal road trip — but definitely not the only memorable journey you can take in Kentucky! These eight quick road trips in Kentucky are sure to cure your case of wanderlust.

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Kentucky Castle Road Trip

Are there any castles in Kentucky where you can spend the night?

There is a castle in Kentucky with overnight accommodations, and it's The Kentucky Castle in our above Kentucky Castle Road Trip! This charming castle is located in Versailles, and regally sits atop a hill in the heart of Horse Country. The Castle has long been the most well-known in the state, but in recent years, it's transformed into a bucket list-worthy destination as a boutique hotel, spa, and event space. It really is a one-of-a-kind treasure in the Bluegrass State. You can spend the night at The Kentucky Castle in a beautiful tent that overlooks horse country and the castle grounds -- and its amenities may surprise you. The castle itself has spa-like rooms that are luxurious and swoon-worthy, but if you're in the mood for a truly one-of-a-kind night, you should definitely check out The Kentucky Castle's "Glamping Tent." This adorable accommodation sits on the castle's property, overlooking the surrounding farmland. It's a peaceful and scenic spot that's ideal for when you want a unique getaway that won't break the bank, but will still make you feel like you're living in luxury. And no worries -- this tent is anything but ordinary... or surf-like.

Does Kentucky have any castle restaurants?

In addition to next-level accommodations, The Kentucky Castle has a wonderful restaurant, too. Castle Farms at The Kentucky Castle is a farm-to-table (or farm-to-castle?) restaurant that uses locally-sourced items and builds their creations around only the freshest of ingredients. The menu is Top Chef level, the ambience is as romantic as it gets, and the experience is pretty magical.

What are some other magical road trips in Kentucky?

If you enjoyed our Kentucky Castle Road Trip, you'll definitely want to check out our Fairytale Road Trip next! From enchanted forests and botanical gardens, to some whimsical attractions and incredible architecture, you'll discover a whole new side of Kentucky on this magical road trip!

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