The Haunted Tunnel In Louisville That’s Not For The Faint Of Heart

Editor’s note: an earlier version of this article stated the cave is open for exploration. This is incorrect. The cave is closed to the public due to safety concerns.

If anyone brings up a haunted tunnel in Louisville, they’re most likely referring to the infamous “body chute” found at Waverly Hills Sanatorium. It’s been covered by many paranormal experts and television shows, and is available for exploration via paid guided tours. Famous as it may be, Waverly Hills isn’t the only haunted tunnel around here; there are plenty of other locations in Louisville that are rumored to be haunted, one of which is an extremely creepy tunnel. It’s nicknamed Sauerkraut Cave and is hidden in the middle of E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park, completely unknown to most of the visitors who jog right past it. Of course, as with most hidden tunnels, Sauerkraut Cave comes with a dark, hidden past…

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