The Secret Garden In Louisville You’re Guaranteed To Love

There is nothing quite like the peacefulness and joy that comes from being surrounded by nature. This is especially true if that nature includes big, beautiful flowers in every color imaginable and trees that are just as colorful and diverse as the people viewing them. In Louisville, there is a place where you can experience all of these things: Whitehall Gardens on Lexington Road.

Admission to both the Specimen Garden and the Arboretum (as well as the other gardens on the property) is free, although if you plan to sell any photos you take while you’re there, you must pay a fee. You can also schedule a guided tour of the grounds for $10. The gardens are open from sunrise to sunset during the week. Find out more about tours and pricing on the Whitehall Gardens website.

Address: 3110 Lexington Road, Louisville, KY 40206.

Have you ever been to Whitehall Gardens? What is your favorite secret garden in Louisville? Share your thoughts in the comments below!