10 Places In Kentucky You Must See Before You Die

Almost everyone reaches a certain age and then thinks, “I wish I’d have seen, or went to _____”.  The excuses as to why we did not are almost always the same. We were too busy with work, family, watching television, or hanging out with our friends. Sometimes we were just too busy doing nothing. These are places we could have easily visited had we taken the time, especially in the Bluegrass State.

Kentucky is covered in lust forests, rolling hills and all out beautiful country; from the Appalachians to the Ohio Valley. Here are 10 breathtaking places you will want to see before you die.

It is difficult to narrow down all the amazing places in the Bluegrass State that one should experience, but these certainly deserve a look. Each one offers a special kind of serenity, or one of a kind experience you just cannot find anywhere else. Kentucky has a special way of making people feel right at home, so please add your favorite spots in comments.